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Nominating Committee (Board of Directors)

The Nominating Committee is an operating committee of the OPTN chaired by the Vice President/President-Elect. It meets to review and recommend candidates for election to the Board of Directors as Officers and Directors. The Board of Directors will consider the recommendations of the Nominating Committee and may make changes before attaching its final list of nominees to the notice of the annual meeting, or any special meeting called to elect Officers and Directors.

  • Dr. Dianne LaPointe Rudow
  • Mount Sinai Medical Center
Members Organization Position End Term Date
Ms. Laurel Avery General Public Region 11 At Large 6/30/2023  
Dr. Mark L Barr USC Transplant Institute, Keck Medicine of USC At Large 6/30/2023  
Dr. Matthew Cooper Medstar Georgetown Transplant Institute At Large 6/30/2023  
Ms. Jan Finn Midwest Transplant Network At Large 6/30/2023  
Dr. Manish J Gandhi Tissue Typing Laboratory at Mayo Clinic At Large 6/30/2023  
Ms. Wendy M Garrison Lifesharing - A Donate Life Organization At Large 6/30/2023  
Adrienne J Goodrich-Doctor Division of Transplantation, HHS Ex Officio (non voting) 6/30/2024  
Dr. Nicole A Hayde Montefiore Medical Center At Large 6/30/2023  
Dr. Evelyn K Hsu Seattle Children's Hospital At Large 6/30/2023  
Ms. Valinda L Jones General Public Region 4 At Large 6/30/2024  
Dr. Irene Kim Cedars-Sinai Medical Center At Large 6/30/2023  
Dr. Maureen A McBride UNOS Employees Ex Officio (non voting) 6/30/2023  
Dr. Jerry McCauley Thomas Jefferson University Hospital At Large 6/30/2023  
Melissa L McQueen Transplant Families At Large 6/30/2023  
Dr. David C Mulligan Yale New Haven Hospital Advisor (non-voting) 6/30/2023  
Ms. Meg M Rogers LifeSource Upper Midwest Organ Procurement Organization At Large 6/30/2023  
Mr. James W Sharrock General Public Region 4 At Large 6/30/2023  

Meeting summaries

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