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Kidney & pancreas

Policy toolkits & FAQs

Waiting time modifications for kidney candidates affected by race-inclusive eGFR

OPTN Policy 3.7 D toolkit

Sample required eGFR candidate notification letter:

Allocation calculators

  • CPRA calculator (calculated panel reactive antibody)
    Used to evaluate candidates for kidney, pancreas and k/p transplants
  • EPTS calculator (estimated post transplant score)
    Assigned to all adult candidates on the kidney waiting list
  • KDPI calculator (kidney donor profile index)
    Summarizes the risk of graft (organ) failure after kidney transplant

Monitoring reports

Policy & guidance




Kidney Accelerated Placement project

Find news and updates on the Kidney Accelerated Placement project, a one-year pilot to accelerate national offers of hard-to-place kidneys.