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Kidney & pancreas

All kidney programs were required to complete the eGFR waiting time policy's requirements and provide the necessary documentation to the OPTN by Jan. 3, 2024.

After Jan. 3, 2024, all kidney programs are required to continue to fulfill the policy's ongoing requirements. Read more details.

Policy toolkits & FAQs

Allocation calculators

  • CPRA calculator (calculated panel reactive antibody)
    Used to evaluate candidates for kidney, pancreas and k/p transplants
  • EPTS calculator (estimated post transplant score)
    Assigned to all adult candidates on the kidney waiting list
  • KDPI calculator (kidney donor profile index)
    Summarizes the risk of graft (organ) failure after kidney transplant

Monitoring reports

Policy & guidance




Kidney Accelerated Placement project

Find news and updates on the Kidney Accelerated Placement project, a one-year pilot to accelerate national offers of hard-to-place kidneys.