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Notices of approved actions

The table below shows Pending policy notices with detailed Item name, board action date, and target implementation date

Item Action Target implementation date
Clarify Multi-Organ Allocation Policy 06/2021 Board action 02/2022
Modify Data Submission Policies 12/2019 Board action 03/2022

Further Enhancements to the National Liver Review Board

  • Policy 9.5.I.i: Initial Assessment and Requirements for HCC Exception Requests
12/20 Board action 5/2022, contingent upon OMB approval
Changes to Islet Bylaws 12/2018 Board action 06/2022
OPTN Data Collection Changes: Update to VCA Transplant Outcomes Data Collection 12/2020 Board action 06/2022
Programming VCA Allocation in UNet 12/2020 Board action 06/2022, contingent upon OMB approval
Modify Data Collection on Living VCA Donors (pending OMB approval) 12/2020 Board action 06/2022, contingent upon OMB approval
Calculate Median MELD at Transplant around the Donor Hospital and Update Sorting within Liver Allocation 06/2021 Board action 06/2022
Modifications to the Deceased Donor Registration (DDR) 06/2021 Board action 06/2022