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Compliance and evaluation

Evaluation plan

The OPTN evaluation plan provides guidance to OPTN member transplant hospitals, OPOs and histocompatibility labs on how UNOS, as the OPTN contractor, assesses member compliance with OPTN policies and bylaws. It is updated periodically to reflect the latest changes to policies and bylaws. Reviewing this information will help members stay up-to-date so they can revise their operational compliance procedures as needed. In order to improve system performance, the MPSC regularly shares information with the community about key topics and issues. Learn more

Evaluation plan

OPTN evaluation plan icon

The OPTN evaluation plan provides guidance to member transplant centers, OPOs and histocompatibility labs on how to comply with OPTN policies and bylaws.

Evaluation plan PDF link Updated 7/1/2024

Effective Jan. 5, 2023, kidney programs are required to assess their waiting lists and correct waiting times for any Black kidney candidates disadvantaged by having their kidney function overestimated due to use of a race-inclusive calculation. Learn more about the board action.

Member monitoring

The OPTN routinely reviews member compliance and performance using a number of methods. This document describes these processes and the frequency with which they occur.

View the process descriptions PDF link

Educational resources

These resources have been developed to assist members undergoing OPTN monitoring and to help members understand their interactions with the OPTN Membership and Professional Standards Committee (MPSC). We will post additional resources as they are developed.

Additional resources can also be located in:

  • Data Services Portal in UNetSM – Access reports to help your institution track complete and timely data submission to the OPTN
  • UNetSM help documentation – Access data definitions and field descriptions to help your institution submit accurate data to the OPTN
  • UNOS Connect – Access learning modules organized by topic in the course catalog

OPTN committees produce guidance to help members comply with important policy issues.