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OPTN electronic data submission

The OPTN electronic data submission dashboard provides high-level information regarding trends in integration between OPTN member organizations’ electronic health record (EHR) systems and the OPTN computer system. Metrics include how often key transplant data is submitted to the OPTN computer system electronically versus entered manually. The OPTN contractor is constantly working with EHR vendors to increase the rates of electronic data submission to improve general efficiency and the accuracy of information in the OPTN computer system.

This data is separated into two categories:

Since an organ match can happen at any time, OPTN members must ensure that deceased donor and transplant candidate information is up-to-date in the OPTN computer system. By making electronic data updates before an organ is offered, donation and transplant professionals can help ensure a match is made promptly and based on accurate clinical information.

OPTN members submit forms with health information about candidates, recipients, donors, past transplants, and donor referrals to inform research and policy development. Electronic submission reduces data entry effort for these non-time-sensitive processes.

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OPTN electronic data submission user guide