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About data

UNOS developed an online database system, called UNetSM, for the collection, storage, analysis, and publication of all OPTN data pertaining to the patient waiting list, organ matching, and transplants.

Launched on October 25, 1999, this system contains data regarding every organ donation and transplant event occurring in the U.S. since October 1, 1987. UNetSM is a fail-safe, 24/7, secure Internet-based transplant information database created to enable the nation's organ transplant institutions to:

  • register patients for transplants
  • match donated organs to waiting patients
  • manage the time-sensitive, life-critical data of all patients, before and after their transplants

UNetSM is being used right now by all of the nation's organ transplant programs, organ procurement organizations, and histocompatibility (tissue typing) laboratories working cooperatively to efficiently share a limited number of donated organs among thousands of patients.

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