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Organ transport

OPTN policy requires that all OPOs and transplant centers use the external, internal and vessel labels that are distributed by the OPTN contractor when shipping or transporting organs outside the donor hospital.

The OPO committee and living donor committee created color-coded, organ-specific labels to help reduce errors in organ shipment.

Policy & Guidance

Policy 16: Organ and vessel packaging, labeling, shipping, and storage (PDF - 2.5 M)

TransNetSM mandatory for OPOs - two parts
2/2017 executive committee action; 6/2016 board action

  • Effective 11/1/2017 - TransNet required for VCA organs
  • Effective 6/1/2017 - TransNet required for all organs except VCA

Label verification resource form (PDF - 2.1 M; 7/2012)

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Organ Labels

Order professional materials for organ transport:

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