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Individual member focused improvement (IMFI)

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"You are the subject matter expert for your organization. We are performance improvement experts, and can help you identify and implement improvements for your program." — Amanda Young, OPTN performance improvement lead

Transplant hospitals and organ procurement organizations (OPOs) manage a variety of complex systems and processes as part of their lifesaving work to recover and transplant more organs, and are committed to always refining them in order to save more lives.

As the OPTN and the member community work toward continuously improving the system, individual member organizations can often benefit from close coaching on how to optimize and improve some of their practices.

The OPTN developed Individual Member Focused Improvement (IMFI) to:

  • Help individual OPTN members improve through the use of quality improvement tools
  • Deliver custom-designed engagements that fit each member’s unique needs
  • Provide individualized improvement coaching to members

Learning and improving through supportive coaching

Are you an OPTN member looking for help with one of your quality and performance improvement (QAPI) initiatives? Would you benefit from peer mentoring with subject matter experts in your field? IMFI lets you leverage the OPTN’s position as the central hub in the donation and transplant community. You will collaborate and work with OPTN performance improvement experts, who can help design and support your organization’s specific QAPI projects and goals.

What you can expect

IMFI isn’t just a list of QAPI ideas. The experience delivers access to a support team that can dedicate time, resources and subject matter expertise to help you improve processes that are under your power to control. IMFI includes:

  • A project plan designed around your specific improvement goal*
  • A customized engagement. Each IMFI project is unique and will be designed with your individual program or organization in mind
  • Direct and open collaboration with the IMFI project team, including peers in the donation and transplant community

*The scope of each project will be tailored to each member organization, and the services provided will vary according to need.

What you need to know

  • IMFI is open to all OPTN member transplant programs and OPOs.
  • IMFI projects are voluntary for OPTN members and each project is customized for a member’s unique need.
  • To participate in an IMFI engagement, your member organization must commit to and sign a mutually agreed project charter that outlines the scope of your selected improvement project.
  • IMFI cannot change policies or bylaws, grant waivers, or changes to regulatory requirements. Participating in or requesting IMFI assistance does not remove or waive any OPTN obligations, policies, or bylaws.

Contact us

Please email to learn more about IMFI. OPTN members will be asked to first answer an intake questionnaire to help assess needs, and then IMFI staff will arrange a phone call to discuss a potential project plan.