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About OPTN membership

Currently, every transplant hospital program, organ procurement organization, and transplant histocompatibility laboratory in the United States is an OPTN member. Membership means that their institution meets OPTN requirements and that they play an active role in forming the policies that govern the transplant community.

Other OPTN members include: voluntary health organizations, such as the National Kidney Foundation; general public members, such as ethicists and donor family members; and medical professional/scientific organizations, such as the American Society for Transplantation.

Individuals from member organizations participate in the decision-making process through representation on committees and on the board of directors.

OPTN members are responsible for notifying membership of changes or errors in staffing or links appearing in this directory. Please send additions, changes or concerns to

Member actions

Learn more about member actions:

  • Members Not in Good Standing (MNIGS)
  • Probation

As of December 3, 2021, OPTN membership included the following:
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OPTN Membership
Type of OPTN Member Number
Transplant Centers 253
Organ Procurement Organizations  57
    Independent 50
    Hospital Based 7
Histocompatibility Laboratories  141
    Independent 49
    Hospital Based 92
Public Organizations 7
Individual Members 7
Medical Scientific Organizations 10
Business Members 11
Total 387

note NOTE: There are 7  OPTN members that operate both transplant centers and in-house OPOs and 92 that operate both transplant centers and in-house histocompatibility laboratories. These members are included in the count of transplant centers, operating OPOs, and/or laboratories. For this reason, the total number of members is less than the sum of the different categories.