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Board of Directors meeting June 11-12, Meeting Updates

Board of Directors Meeting

The OPTN/UNOS Board adopted principles of geographic organ distribution at its June 2018 meeting.

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Broader lung distribution now effective

Broader lung distribution

The OPTN lung allocation system was modified to replace the donor service area (DSA) as the first level of distribution with a 250 nautical mile circle around the donor hospital.

Read about lung distribution policy changes.

Participate in public comment

Voice your opinion

Public input on transplant policy is an essential part of the policy development process.

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Learn best practices from other organ procurement organizations.

OPO best practices

Learn how donation and transplant professionals are saving more lives through improving organ availability.

Share your ideas with the community.

At a Glance


people need a lifesaving organ transplant (total waiting list candidates). Of those, 74,901 people are active waiting list candidates. Totals as of today 10:53am


organ transplants performed so far in 2017
Total Transplants January - May 2018
as of 06/21/2018


Total Donors January - May 2018
as of 06/21/2018

Organ donation and transplantation can save lives

One individual is added to the national transplant waiting list every 10 minutes.

Every ten minutes, someone is added to the national transplant waiting list.

Approximately 22 people die each day waiting for a transplant in the United States.

On average, 95 transplants take place each day in the U.S.

Eight lives can be saved from one organ donor.

One organ donor can save eight lives. Sign up to be a donor in your state.

The organ shortage continues

The gap between supply and demand continues to widen.

Despite advances in medicine and technology, and increased awareness of organ donation and transplantation, there continues to be a gap between supply and demand.

More progress is needed to ensure that all candidates have a chance to receive a transplant. [Graph description of The organ shortage continues ]


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Resources for professionals

Kidney allocation system materials

Access educational materials, calculators and more.

Compliance guidance

The OPTN Evaluation Plan is a compliance guide for member hospitals, OPOs and labs.

Patient safety resources

Patients are the focus of all the OPTN's collective efforts.

Resources for patients

How policies are made

Here's a brief look at how an idea transforms from proposal to transplant policy.

About organ donation

The donation process begins with a decision.

How organ allocation works

We must allocate each precious organ in the most equitable manner possible.