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MPSC resources

The OPTN Membership and Professional Standards Committee (MPSC) is a committee of volunteer donation and transplant community clinicians and professions charged with:

  • driving member performance improvement through peer review and information exchange
  • promoting patient safety
  • monitoring member compliance with OPTN policies

Learn more about the MPSC and its current projects.

Reports to the Board of Directors

The MPSC gives a thorough annual briefing to the OPTN Board of Directors, with recommendations and other information about continuous improvement efforts. The MPSC also reports on areas of success as well as potential concern.

Regional meeting updates

The MPSC often engages with the entire community at the OPTN’s regional meetings that take place across the country twice a year (and which are also accessible virtually). The MPSC’s updates at regional meetings can include information about improvement opportunities, changes to the OPTN Bylaws and details about any notable trends observed by the committee.

Community messages

In order to improve system performance, the committee regularly shares information with the community about key topics and issues, which often emerge from the in-person meetings the MPSC convenes three times a year.

Additional monitoring resources

The OPTN monitors its members for compliance with its own policies and bylaws and offers performance improvement support and resources to OPOs and transplant programs.

For more information on individual OPO and transplant program performance, visit the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR):

To learn more about how the federal government regulates OPTN members, visit: