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The transplant team

Many people at the transplant hospital work to make a transplant successful. Each person on the "transplant team" is an expert in a different area. The transplant team includes all or some of the following professionals:

  • Clinical transplant coordinators are nurses or other health professionals who arrange the patient's evaluation, treatment, and follow-up care.
  • Transplant physicians are doctors who manage the patient's medical care, tests, and medications. They do not perform surgery. The transplant physician works closely with the transplant coordinator to care for the patient until transplanted. In some hospitals, the transplant physician provides long-term follow-up care to the recipient.
  • Transplant surgeons are doctors who perform the transplant surgery and may provide the follow-up care for the recipient.
  • Financial coordinators are administrators who have detailed knowledge of financial matters and hospital billing. The financial coordinator works with other members of the transplant team, insurers, and administrative personnel. They coordinate and clarify the financial aspects of the patient's care before, during, and after the transplant.
  • Social workers are professionals who help the patient and their family understand and cope with issues relating to a patient's illness and/or the various side effects of the transplant itself. In some cases, the social worker may perform some of the financial coordinator duties as well.