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Dashboards & metrics

See the trends

The OPTN metrics dashboard displays current and historic U.S. donation and transplant trends at national and regional levels.

OPTN metrics dashboard

Measure equity

The access to transplant dashboard monitors trends related to access to deceased donor transplants among active candidates on the U.S. waiting list.

Access to transplant dashboard

Electronic data submission

Provides insights on trends in integration between members’ computer systems and the OPTN computer system. Metrics include how often key transplant data is submitted to the OPTN system electronically versus entered manually.

Electronic data submission dashboard

OPTN computer system metrics

Tracks the speed of the OPTN computer system matching function, the monthly overall availability of the OPTN system and provides a summary of software implementations or unplanned system downtime that impacted the matching function. Data on this dashboard comes from a quarterly report provided to the OPTN Network Operations and Oversight Committee by the OPTN contractor.

OPTN computer system metrics dashboard

OPTN system tracking: Lung monitor

What’s the latest lung data? Compare and evaluate pre-and post-policy changes in lung allocation as well as monthly trends, and filter for a variety of criteria.

OPTN system tracking: lung monitor.