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Kidney paired donation

Kidney Paired Donation matching symbol

Kidney paired donation is an option for kidney transplant candidates who have a willing but incompatible donor. The aim of this program is universal access to all OPTN members that prioritizes the medical and psychosocial safety of kidney paired donation. Sponsoring committees include the Kidney Transplantation Committee and the Pancreas Transplantation Committee.

Benefits of Participating in the OPTN KPDPP

  • There is no cost to join and no additional fees
  • Increase in the overall supply of kidneys available for transplant
  • Choose your matching options-match pairs nationally, by state, or by hospital
  • Candidate hospitals can pre-select donors prior to matching
  • Track deadlines and communicate with an exchange-level message board
  • A KPD exchange advisor will assist with the match process for each exchange

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Additional OPTN KPDPP data can be accessed by individuals with OPTN computer system access

Resources for patients

Access patient brochures, success story videos, and other patient information

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