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Board of Directors Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is an operating committee of the OPTN chaired by the Treasurer. It serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors. It reviews financial policies, goals, and budgets that support the Strategic Plan of the OPTN. The Committee reviews the OPTN’s financial performance against its short-term and long-term goals, as set forth in the Strategic Plan.

  • Mr. Robert S Goodman
  • GPM Robert Goodman
Members Organization Position End Term Date
Ms. Vanessa Arriola Division of Transplantation, HHS Ex Officio (non voting) 6/30/2021  
Dr. Linda C Cendales Duke University Hospital At Large 6/30/2022  
Laura DePiero General Public Region 10 At Large 6/30/2021  
Mr. James M Gleason GPM James Gleason Advisor (non-voting) 6/30/2021  
Mr. Barry Massa LifeCenter Organ Donor Network Advisor (non-voting) 6/30/2021  
James W Sharrock General Public Region 4 At Large 6/30/2021  
Mr. Pono Shim General Public Region 6 At Large 6/30/2021  
Ms. Shannon B Taitt Division of Transplantation, HHS Ex Officio (non voting) 6/30/2021  

Meeting Summary