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Improve KPD match opportunities

Here are the most frequent decline reasons and actions you can take to receive better match offers.

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The number one refusal reason remains unacceptable virtual crossmatch.

  • Repeat antibody screens and update candidate unacceptable antigens every 110 days in KPD per policy.
  • Complete donor pre-select each week and pre-refuse any donors not appropriate for individual candidate. This may require cooperation between transplant center and HLA lab.

Matched donor age or BMI

  • Choose maximum donor age, BMI and other factors that you are willing to accept, in the donor and candidate choices tab, or
  • Complete the donor pre-select weekly and pre-refuse any donors not appropriate for individual candidates.

Candidate and/or donor are unavailable
(Pair involved in another KPD program exchange; candidate transplanted or other transplant being considered;or candidate ill or temporarily unavailable or unsuitable)

  • Inactivate the both the donor and candidate in KPD when:
    • You are considering an offer in another KPD program
    • You are aware you candidate and/or donor are unavailable for transplant
    • You are considering another living donor for this candidate and will refuse any offers until evaluation complete
    • Anytime the donor is unable to donate or the candidate are temporarily unable to donate/ be transplanted at the time of offer
  • Complete the donor pre-select weekly
  • It is easy to reactivate pair and there is no limit to times you make them inactive and reactive.
  • Candidates continue to accumulate KPD wait time while inactive.