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Donor pre screen questions and answers

What is the donor pre-screen?

It is a tool in the OPTN KPD system that allows transplant centers to preview potential donors and indicate whether you would refuse or preliminarily accept the donor if matched with this candidate in an actual KPD match run.

Donor pre-screen is not a match offer. You are not required to accept a donor you pre-accepted in an actual match.

Thank you to all who complete the donor-pre-screen.

How do I find the donor pre-screen tool?

Once signed in to the OPTN KPD system, centers can navigate to the donor pre-screen from the orange tool bar or from the donor pre-screening section on the homepage dashboard. Active candidates who have potential donors to screen will be displayed. Choose view donors to see the donors available for each candidate.

Why is the donor pre-screen important?

Candidates with a CPRA of 90 percent or higher will only be matched with donors who have been pre-accepted. Leaving the donor pre-screen blank acts as a pre-refusal and the candidate will not match with that donor unless pre-accepted.

 The donor pre-screen helps increase the efficiency of the KPD system by providing better quality match offers and decreasing the number of match offer declines.

Twenty-eight percent of offers are declined due to virtual crossmatch and 10 percent are for donor age. Pre-refusing donors in the Pre-Screen could avoid these match declines.

 Early improvement

 In the first week of the reminders, there were 14 candidates with a CPRA 90 percent or higher who had donors ready to pre-screen. As of 5/23/2019, there are only two.

As of 8/9/2019, the percentage of centers with at least one candidate with donors available for pre-screen has dropped from 91 to 69 percent.

Users made the following improvements to the donor pre-screen:

Donor pre-screen alerts: We understand that KPD is not an everyday task. To help you identify when new donors are available for pre-screening, we send weekly emails when a candidate has at least one donor in need of pre-screening. Emails are sent to KPD primary and alternate contacts. To add HLA staff or nephrologists to these notifications, email

Additional donor information: To help you make a more informed decision on whether to pre-accept or pre-refuse individual donors, transplant hospitals can now click the donor ID in the donor pre-screen and you can view a read-only PDF of all information entered in KPD for the donor (including uploaded medical records).

Does your center have any tips or tricks for completing the donor pre-screen? If so, we would love to hear from you.  Please send your effective practices so that we can spread these ideas to other centers.

If you have other ideas on how to improve the donor pre-screen, let us know. We appreciate all feedback.

Have more questions or need help with the donor pre-screen? Send all feedback and questions to