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Provide your input for potential refusal code revisions

Published on: Monday, March 8, 2021

The OPTN has received community feedback that current refusal codes are too vague, need clarification, and are outdated. Additionally, some codes cover multiple reasons for refusal, such as “age or quality.” To address these concerns, the Data Advisory Committee (DAC), on behalf of the OPTN Board, has collaborated with OPTN committee members to develop a revised list of codes. The OPTN is requesting your feedback on the proposed list.

The OPTN Final Rule requires transplant programs to provide to the OPTN “reasons for refusal” of organ offers made to candidates registered at their programs (see 42 C.F.R. §121.7(b)(4)), and OPTN Policy 18.3: Recording and Reporting the Outcomes of Organ Offers accordingly requires these reasons to be reported to the OPTN. DAC is working to provide recommendations to the OPTN Board of Directors on updating refusal codes used by transplant programs and OPOs to indicate why a specific organ offer was not accepted for a specific candidate.

Provide your input on the proposed list of options under the primary refusal and secondary refusal drop downs in the offer details form section of DonorNet®. Your feedback will be used to inform the final list of refusal codes to be reviewed and approved by the OPTN Board of Directors.

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