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Data Advisory Committee

The Data Advisory Committee (DAC) is an operating committee of the OPTN. The DAC is charged with regular review of the OPTN Data Collection Principles and ensuring that data collection activities are in alignment with these principles. The DAC is charged with overseeing all recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding the collection of official OPTN data that are pertinent to the operation of the OPTN, necessary for the development of evidence-based OPTN policies, and to support analytic work undertaken by the OPTN Contractor or the SRTR contractor to perform the tasks required under the respective contracts, the Final Rule, and NOTA. The DAC is charged with making recommendations to the Board of Directors to revise the OPTN Data Collection Principles as needed, to update OPTN data submission and release policies, to collaborate with other OPTN committees on additions, modifications, and deletions of the data elements collected by the OPTN, to improve completeness, accuracy, and timeliness of data collected, to enhance the official OPTN data with elements from other data sources, and any other recommendations and efficiencies for improving collection of official OPTN data.

Principles for Data Collection

Institutional members must provide sufficient data to OPTN to allow it to:

  • Develop transplant, donation, and allocation policies
  • Determine if Institutional Members are complying with policy
  • Determine Member-specific performance
  • Ensure patient safety when no alternative sources of data exist
  • Fulfill the requirements of the OPTN Final Rule

Current Projects

Board approved and pending implementation

  • Dr. Rachel E Patzer
  • Emory University Hospital
Vice Chair
  • Dr. Sumit Mohan
  • NY Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia Univ. Medical Center
Members Organization Position End Term Date
Ms. Kristine I Browning LifeGift Organ Donation Center At Large 6/30/2022  
Mrs. Jamie Bucio University of Chicago Medical Center At Large 6/30/2024  
Ms. Colleen Flores North Shore University Hospital/Northwell Health At Large 6/30/2022  
Ms. Heather E Hickland Live On Nebraska At Large 6/30/2022  
Lauren E Kearns University of North Carolina Hospitals At Large 6/30/2023  
Dr. Macey L Levan Johns Hopkins Hospital At Large 6/30/2023  
Dr. Krishnaraj Mahendraraj General Public Region 5 At Large 6/30/2023  
Mr. Bilal Mahmood Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network At Large 6/30/2023  
Ms. Adriana Martinez Division of Transplantation, HHS Ex Officio (non voting) 6/30/2023  
Ms. Melissa L McQueen Transplant Families At Large 6/30/2022  
Anna Mello University of California San Francisco Medical Center At Large 6/30/2022  
Alicia M Redden Cleveland Clinic Florida Weston At Large 6/30/2022  
Dr. Benjamin R Schleich Hackensack University Medical Center At Large 6/30/2023  
Mr. Daniel L Stanton Medical University of South Carolina At Large 6/30/2023  
Dr. Farhan Zafar Children's Hospital Medical Center At Large 6/30/2023  

Meeting Summaries 


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