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Phase 1 of COIIN pilot begins in January

Published on: Friday, January 6, 2017

Phase I of the pilot stage of COIIN (Collaborative Innovation and Improvement Network) will begin in January 2017.  Visit the COIIN resource page for background information and resources and a current timeline of the project plan.

Nineteen transplant hospitals were selected to participate in the initial pilot phase of the project.  COIIN program staff and advisors have completed onsite coaching visits to each of the hospitals to review with them the pilot process, demonstrate the data collection and collaborative learning tools to be used, and prepare them for the Phase I kickoff.  Pilot participants will each send representatives to participate in a Phase I kickoff meeting Jan. 10-11 in Richmond, Va.

Phase I of the pilot will involve three action periods for innovation and learning, each focused on a specific topic area: organ offers and acceptance, waitlist management, and care coordination.  During each action period, pilot participants will develop and implement a series of 90-day action plans using the PDSA (Plan/Do/Study/Act) methodology.  They will track their progress and share information on a collaborative learning website.  They will also participate in a virtual learning session to be held in April 2017.

A learning congress will be held near the conclusion of Phase I. The learning congress will focus on key insights and refinements of materials such as the intervention guides. COIIN staff and advisors will incorporate learning and knowledge from Phase I and facilitate discussion with Phase II invitees.

Applications will open in spring 2017 for hospitals wishing to be considered for the second pilot phase of COIIN that will begin in October 2017. Selections for this phase will be made from a combined pool of new applicants and applicants not selected for the first pilot phase.  Hospitals who previously applied for consideration will not need to fully re-apply, although updated information may be necessary.

Additional information and updates will be posted soon.  For more information, contact Nicole Benjamin, UNOS’ Program Manager for COIIN, by phone at 804-782-4622 or via email at