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The Collaborative Innovation and Improvement Network (COIIN) is a three-year study exploring an innovative approach to transplant performance monitoring that:

  • Reduces the risk-avoidance behaviors associated with the current monitoring system;
  • Removes current performance flagging criteria for participating kidney transplant programs;
  • Develops and tests an alternative, data-rich quality monitoring framework;
  • Supports a collaborative approach toward performance improvement and effective practices.

The overall aim of the project is to increase transplantation, with a particular focus on utilization of deceased donor kidneys with a KDPI score greater than 50 percent.

The pilot study protocol was designed with input from the COIIN Advisory Council, site visits to practice model hospitals, and a collaborative “think tank” meeting held at UNOS in June 2016.

Fifteen to 20 deceased donor kidney transplant programs are participating in each of the two study cohorts. The pilot phase begins in October 2016 and is expected to last 12 months per cohort, spanning over an 18 month period.


COIIN learning congress to share key lessons (7/27/2018)

Next phase of COIIN underway (10/4/2017)

Hospitals chosen for second phase of COIIN project (6/12/2017)

Hospitals selected for first phase of COIIN project (10/19/2016)

COIIN project studying effective practices at model hospitals, OPOs (4/24/2016)

Advisory council formed for project to increase kidney utilization (1/28/2016)


Application and Operational Guidelines (PDF - 1 MB)
Apply for Cohort B, May 1 - 31, 2017.

Kidney donor profile index (KDPI) calculator