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OPTN Disease Transmission Advisory Committee Update

Published on: Monday, February 4, 2019

Members of the Ad-hoc Disease Transmission Advisory Committee are committed to keeping transplant professionals informed of disease transmission and safety issues. Each quarter through the website, they will communicate information related to these main categories:

  • Case review statistics/relevant analysis (you’ll see stats like the number of cases reported through the patient safety portal or other interesting trends)
  • Available education/resources (you’ll be reminded of new patient safety modules recently added to UNOS connect or our other websites)
  • Recently published manuscripts (you’ll be informed of and able to link directly to relevant published manuscripts and web articles)

2020 Statistics

The transplant community continues to be vigilant about reporting potential safety-related incidents by using the patient safety portal tool on Unet. The blue bar shows you the number of potential safety incidents the transplant community reported to us each month. The green bar illustrates the number of cases that required DTAC to investigate. The orange bar shows that a relatively small percentage of the overall cases that DTAC determined to be a proven or probable case of disease transmission.

Data current as of November 13, 2020

Number of cases. Total PDDTE reports, DTAC cases, and proven or probable transmissions.



If you have any DTAC-related questions, please contact staff at

* Page updated: November 13, 2020