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COIIN project studying effective practices at model hospitals, OPOs

Published on: Sunday, April 24, 2016

As part of the COIIN (Collaborative Innovation and Improvement Network) project, UNOS staff will be assessing effective practices for utilization of moderate to high KDPI kidneys while maintaining quality outcome measures. These practices, with associated metrics, will be used in the ongoing design of the pilot study.

COIIN is an OPTN/UNOS three-year pilot project, funded by HRSA. It is studying an alternative approach to transplant program performance monitoring that:

  • reduces risk-avoidance behaviors associated with current monitoring
  • removes current performance flagging criteria for participating kidney transplant programs
  • develops and tests a data-rich quality monitoring framework
  • promotes performance improvement and effective practices through collaboration

The COIIN Advisory Council approved the methodology used by COIIN staff to select eleven Practice Model Hospitals (PMH) based on high performance in recent risk-adjusted adult kidney graft survival and organ offer acceptance rates, as well as higher utilization of moderate to high KDPI kidneys. UNOS staff will be conducting onsite assessments of five of the PMHs and their partner OPOs in April and May. The site assessments will explore effective practices they use to maintain quality outcomes and utilize a wide range of organ offers.

Findings from the completed site assessments will be shared with the Advisory Council at its next meeting on May 13. In addition, all PMHs and their associated OPOs will come to UNOS for a collaborative “think tank” meeting in June. These effective practices, with associated metrics, will be incorporated into the study design.

Beginning in July, qualified kidney programs may apply for inclusion in the next phase of the project, which will be a pilot test of effective practices and alternative monitoring of outcomes. We anticipate enrolling 15 to 20 kidney transplant programs for a pilot phase lasting 12-18 months. Additional information about eligibility criteria and the enrollment process will be coming soon.

Look for more information, including a toolkit with additional resources, coming soon on the OPTN website. You may also contact Nicole Benjamin, UNOS’ Program Manager for COIIN, by phone at 804-782-4622 or via email at