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COIIN Learning Congress to share key lessons

Published on: Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Hospitals who participated in the two study cohorts of COIIN (the Collaborative Innovation and Improvement Network) will gather at a Learning Congress in Dallas August 7-8.  The Learning Congress is an opportunity for all participating hospitals to present and further discuss process improvements learned through the study phase of the project in the following categories. 

  • Evaluating and re-evaluating patients on the waiting list
  • Reviewing organ offers in collaboration with their OPO
  • Educating patients, physicians, and staff on KDPI
  • Building relationships within and between clinical teams
  • Planning for discharge at listing

Nineteen transplant hospitals took part in the initial pilot phase of COIIN, which ran from January to September 2017.  Thirty-six transplant hospitals participated in the second pilot phase, which lasted from October 2017 to June 2018. 

Plans are underway to share effective practices learned from the project with the transplant community in coming months.  Look for additional information coming soon.