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Board election to begin January 13, 2021

Beginning Wednesday, January 13, 2021, voting representatives of the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network may cast ballots electronically for election of Board officers and directors whose terms will begin in July 2021. The election period will end on January 27, 2021. Results will be announced soon after the completion of voting.

A list of nominees for the 2021 election is available here, as well as biographical information about the candidates and additional information about the nomination and election process.

Voting representatives can view the Board ballot and register their votes online via a secure, third-party web application. This provides convenience for representatives to cast their vote and allows efficient tabulation of election results.

Who votes in the election?

Each member institution with voting privileges may cast one vote. The organization designates one person to serve as a voting representative on its behalf, as well as an alternate if the primary representative is unavailable. People who are individual members of the OPTN are also voting representatives.

Complete details on voting privileges are outlined in OPTN Bylaw 1.1.B. You may request the name of your organization’s designated voting representative by contacting