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Patient Safety

Policy and Guidance


Disease Transmission

PDDTE policy changes - effective 9/1/2016
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Extra Vessels

Professional Education

Patient Safety Videos:

  • Effective communication can save lives:
    • Infectious disease verification in the living donor
    • Communicating and documenting allocation decisions
    • ABO verification in the OR
    • Proactively avert errors
    • Hemodilution errors
    • Organ discards
  • Toxoplasma screening
  • Applying the 2013 PHS guidelines for reducing HIV, HBV and HCV transmission when evaluating an organ donor (2-part program)
  • Alignment of OPTN policies with the 2013 PHS guideline for reducing HIV, HBV and HCV transmission through solid organ transplantation
  • Extra vessels dispositions reporting

You can find all of these webinars at UNOS Connect, UNOS' learning management system.  


We are grateful to dedicated OPTN members who helped create many of these resources, including:

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