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CPRA Calculator

This calculator uses the same formula as the UNetSM computer system. UNet is the computer system used by the transplant center to calculate kidney, pancreas, and kidney/pancreas allocation scores for candidates in need of a transplant.

This calculator produces a value based on the unacceptable antigens entered below. If you are a transplant candidate, and have questions regarding the value generated by this calculator, please contact your transplant coordinator.

The actual CPRA provided to a candidate is calculated by UNet based solely on the unacceptable antigens that are entered by the transplant center for that candidate. The value produced by the CPRA Calculator on this Web site is for your informational use only.
Check all A unacceptable antigens:
Check all B unacceptable antigens:
Check all BW unacceptable antigen:
Check all C unacceptable antigens:
Check all DR unacceptable antigens:
Check all DR51/52/53 unacceptable antigens:
Check all DQB1 unacceptable antigens:

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