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Protocols for expedited placement variance

The OPTN Expeditious Task Force intends to increase organ usage through applying and studying innovative methods to place organ offers more quickly and efficiently. A key aspect of the Task Force’s work is to identify categories of organs that are not placed as often for transplant, and to direct such organ offers for candidates identified by their transplant program as suitable to receive them.

Using a variance process, multiple different protocols may be approved and tested at the same time, to see if they improve organ usage and may be considered for future organ allocation policy. Below are the current protocols in review or usage. To learn more about each proposal and offer feedback about it, select the link under “project summary.” Additional detail on each protocol, including outcome data, will be included as it becomes available.

Expedited Placement Variance projects table
Project summary Status Planned effective dates Outcomes/metrics

Accelerated placement of hard- to-place kidneys

In review

To be determined

To be updated