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No change is too small to deliver improvement

Participants are coached by our collaborative improvement professionals to develop and choose the tools that best fit their organizations and processes. In the journey to advance transplantation and donation, small changes have the potential to drive improvement and deliver meaningful impact.

In a previous OPTN transplantation collaborative that targeted increasing kidney utilization and reducing kidney discards, the Collaborative Innovation and Improvement Network (COIIN) explored:

  • Reducing the risk-avoidance behaviors associated with the current monitoring system
  • Developing and testing an alternative, data-rich quality monitoring framework
  • Supporting a collaborative approach toward performance improvement and effective practices

Collaborative improvement resources that drive innovative change

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Data and resource sharing

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Discussion boards & virtual workspace

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Monthly collaborative calls and learning webinars

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Access to performance improvment coaching

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Key driver/effective practice analysis

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“We face similar challenges across the country. It was great to be able to work together as a transplant community to discuss these issues—what might not be a problem for your center is something you could help another center work through. The collaboration was priceless.”

Emily Warren, RN, BSN, Transplant Operations University of Minnesota Hospitals