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Pediatric heart allocation

We implemented several board-approved changes in 2016, to improve waiting list mortality for pediatric heart transplant candidates. We completed this project in two parts.

  • 3/22/2016: Part 1 - we modified the pediatric heart and heart-lung 1A and 1B justification forms in WaitlistSM to reflect the new status criteria.
  • 7/7/2016: Part 2 - we made additional changes to Waitlist and DonorNet®.

Policy & Guidance

The board approved changes to the pediatric heart allocation policy in June 2014.

The congenital heart diagnoses and inotropic supports described in OPTN Policy (a) and (b) are listed on the pediatric heart justification forms.


The following webinar recordings are available, to explain.

  • Policy webinar (3/2016)
  • System training recording - UNetSM logon required (3/2016)

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