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Review of Liver and Intestines Variances in OPTN Policy

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Current policy

There are four variances related to the allocation of livers and intestines in OPTN policy.  Each of the variances is time limited and has a different expiration date.  The OPTN Liver and Intestinal Organ Transplantation Committee wants to align the expiration dates of the four variances to expire when continuous distribution for livers and intestines begins.

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Proposed changes

  • Align expiration dates for all liver variances

Anticipated impact

  • What it’s expected to do
    • Allow more consistent evaluation and management of liver and intestine variances
    • Allow the Committee to consider which aspects of the four variances should be incorporatated into permanent OPTN policy
  • What it won’t do
    • Will not change how the variances apply to the current allocation of livers and intestines in OPTN policy

Terms to know

  • Variance: Time limited experimental polices that test potential changes that will improve allocation by more effectively addressing fairness, utility, efficiency, need and/or supply
  • Open Variance: A variance that allows members other than the members that applied for the variance to join
  • Closed Variance: A variance that does not allow other OPTN members to join

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