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Optimizing Usage of Kidney Offer Filters

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Offer filters are a tool that transplant programs can use to bypass organ offers they would not accept. Offer filters were tested during two pilot programs and released nationally in January 2022. Currently, offer filters are used on a voluntary basis for kidney offers, but they are being developed for all organs. This concept paper provides an update on the ongoing work on kidney offer filters and seeks to increase community awareness on the benefit of using offer filters. Additionally, this concept paper introduces two offer filter options to increase usage.

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Proposed concept

  • Overview of the offer filters concept
  • Analysis of pilot program and national rollout of voluntary kidney offer filters
  • Introduce two offer filter options for community feedback and consideration:
    • Default Offer Filters: automatically enable filters by default. Kidney programs would not receive offers from donors that meet these default filter criteria unless they specifically opt-out and disable the filter(s).
    • Mandatory Offer Filters: Make offer filter usage mandatory based on what kidneys a transplant program accepts, but allow for a change in offer filter criteria if a transplant program can show a change in acceptance behavior.

Anticipated impact

  • What it's expected to do
    • Increase awareness and promote usage of offer filters
    • Improve efficiency by reducing the number of organ offers OPOs need to make, and that kidney transplant programs need to respond to
    • Decrease the amount of time to allocate an organ and decrease cold ischemic time
    • Increase organ acceptance, especially for hard to place organs
  • What it won't do
    • This concept paper is not a policy change, but will help inform the Operations and Safety Committee on a possible future policy change

Terms to know

  • Offer Filters: a tool that transplant programs can customize in order to not receive organ offers from donors they would not accept organs from.
  • Cold Ischemic Time: the amount of time an organ is not connected to blood flow between organ recovery and transplant.

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LifeGift | 08/11/2022

Totally support. We must drive increased use of existing filters to help manage the capacity issues at tx centers and help find ways to reduce the complexity of the offer process. This is not a new idea at all but rather a more assertive step to actually implement. Regarding the approach of based on experience or a mandatory assignment of criteria, it will be important for centers to be able to opt out selected highly sensitized candidates. Suggest also trying this for a 6 month period on some pilot centers and then looking at impact before implementing broadly. Thank you

Kidney Donor Conversations | 08/04/2022

Support initiatives to improve efficiencies and decrease wait time for recipients.