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VCA Data Collection

Published on: Monday, August 31, 2015

Data submission is mandatory for VCA transplants performed on or after September 1, 2015. VCA TRR and TRF collection will be done using electronic fillable PDFs until the data collection is integrated into TiediĀ® in 2016.

When a VCA candidate is removed from the waiting list for transplant, UNOS will email the VCA transplant program a removal receipt, a VCA organ-specific TRR worksheet, and help documentation.

The program must complete the TRR with information from the time of hospital discharge or six weeks post-transplant, whichever is first. Separate TRR worksheets need to be completed for each type of VCA transplant, including when a recipient receives multiple VCAs; e.g., craniofacial and upper limb. Bilateral limb recipients only require one TRR. Submit the form via secure email within 60 days to

UNOS will email the TRF worksheet for the recipient to the transplant program at six months and annual anniversaries of the transplant. Complete and submit the TRF via secure email within 30 days to

UNOS will also email centers TRR and TRF worksheets for transplants performed prior to September 1, 2015. Data submission is optional for these transplants, but highly encouraged. Having centralized data collection for all VCA transplants is essential for analyzing outcomes after VCA transplantation in the United States.