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Updated median MELD at transplant scores in effect March 30; MPaT score lowered to 33

Published on: Monday, April 3, 2023

The median MELD at transplant (MMaT) values, which affect many liver transplant candidates with exception scores, will be updated effective March 30, 2023. As of June 2022, the MMaT is based on data about liver transplants performed within 150 nautical mile radius around the donor hospital where the organ is recovered.

The revised data report displays the newly derived MMaT scores by each donor hospital. The scores are updated twice a year.

As of March 30, the national median PELD at transplant (MPaT) calculation will be 33, a reduction from the previous value of 35. (The MPat is a national calculation, drawing upon transplants performed nationwide, and is not based on the donor hospital).