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Revised kidney and pancreas proposals going to the OPTN Board of Directors

Published on: Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Revised proposals for replacement of Donation Service Area (DSA) and Region as distribution units in kidney and pancreas allocation policy will be presented to the OPTN Board of Directors at its Dec. 3, 2019 meeting. 

The Kidney and Pancreas Transplantation Committees’ briefing papers for the Board are now available. These reports contain the proposal language the committees will bring to the Board of Directors and offer an evaluation of key factors as well as an overview of community feedback and committee response.

The sponsoring committees removed language from both proposals regarding import backup, in favor of additional discussion and input.  In addition, the Kidney Transplantation Committee removed the provision regarding candidate medical urgency for additional consideration and input.  Those proposals, as well as a proposal to treat Alaska donors as if they are located at the Sea-Tac airport for the purposes of allocation, will be released for public comment in January 2020.  Workgroups have been formed to focus on import backup and medical urgency.  They are working diligently to prepare the proposals.

Summaries of the October in-person meetings are also now posted on the committee pages.

Additional information and resources are available here on the OPTN website.