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Report studies first 12 weeks of NLRB activity

Published on: Monday, October 21, 2019

A report is available for the OPTN Liver and Intestinal Organ Transplantation Committee details key findings from the first 12 weeks of operation of the National Liver Review Board (NLRB).

In that time, nearly 5,000 initial and exception forms have been addressed, with additional action on more than 500 appeals.  Key highlights include the following:

  • The percent of exception request forms that are automatically approved (not assigned to an NLRB specialty board for review) continues to increase each month.
  • The overall approval rate for all exception request forms submitted is 74.1 percent, and the percentage of exception request forms approved each month continues to increase.

These findings will continue to be updated and shared with the Liver Committee and the public.  Subsequent reports will contain additional measures of equity and describe key trends.