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Policy and system changes for reporting extra vessel disposition

Published on: Saturday, October 17, 2015

On October 22, we replaced a PDF form to report extra vessel disposition with online reporting in TIEDI®. The OPTN/UNOS Board of Directors made this change because of extensive member feedback asking for an easier way to provide this information.

As of October 22, any extra vessels reported as recovered by an OPO and sent to your transplant hospital from 8/1/2012 through 10/21/2015 will show up as expected data on the day of implementation, if a disposition has not been reported to UNOS (the expected data report will appear on the extra vessels tab in UNet℠). While there is no specific deadline for you to resolve these cases, they will continue to show up until you have reported the dispositions. Current policy requires reporting but does not specify a timeframe.

A new policy requiring vessels disposition reporting within seven days of use or destruction applies to vessels recovered from October 22, 2015, forward. You will need to submit all vessels data online in TIEDI®.

Training Video

An instructional video is available on UNOS Connect to explain the changes.

The video highlights the following:

  • how to get UNetSM access to report extra vessels dispositions
  • the data needed for entry into the new reporting system
  • common scenarios where extra vessels dispositions reporting are required
    What you need to do to get ready

What you need to know

UNetSM security administrators can continue to set up new users with permissions for vessel disposition reporting. Security administrators are able to access Security Administration in UNetSM and view help documentation containing instructions on how to set up new users. 

When we added the new online reporting capability, we removed the vessel use report in Waitlist℠.


Contact UNOS Customer Service (Help Desk) with system questions at 800-978-4334.