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Nominees chosen for 2016 board of directors election

Published on: Tuesday, December 15, 2015

At its December meeting, the OPTN/UNOS Board of Directors approved the following slate of nominees for Board appointments beginning in June 2016. The OPTN Board of Directors also functions as the UNOS Board of Directors.

OPTN/UNOS member voting representatives will receive a ballot and biographical information for the nominees in February (specific date to be determined).

President (vote for one)

  • Stuart C. Sweet, M.D., Ph.D.; St. Louis Children’s Hospital

Vice President/President-Elect (vote for one)

  • Yolanda T. Becker, M.D.; University of Chicago Medical Center
  • Elizabeth A. Pomfret, M.D., Ph.D.; Lahey Hospital and Medical Center

Vice President for Patient and Donor Affairs (vote for one)

  • James M. Gleason, B.S., M.A.
  • Kenyon W. Murphy, J.D.

Immediate Past President (vote for one)

  • Betsy J. Walsh, J.D., M.P.H.

Secretary (vote for one)

  • Ian R. Jamieson, M.B.A., M.H.A.; Duke University Medical Center
  • Diane LaPointe Rudow, APN-BC, DNP, CCTC; Mount Sinai Medical Center

Regional Councillors (vote for seven)

Region 1

  • David A. Axelrod, M.D., M.B.A; Dartmouth–Hitchcock Medical Center

Region 3

  • Thomas C. Pearson, M.D., D.Phil; Emory University Hospital

Region 4

  • Adam W. Bingaman, M.D., Ph.D.; Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital

Region 5

  • Lisa Stocks, RN, M.S.N., FNP; Lifesharing

Region 6

  • Christian S. Kuhr, M.D.; Virginia Mason Medical Center

Region 7

  • David C. Cronin, M.D., Ph.D.; Medical College of Wisconsin

Region 9

  • Lewis W. Teperman, M.D.; New York University Medical Center

Thoracic Transplant Representative (vote for one)

  • Jonathan M. Chen, M.D.; Seattle Children’s Hospital
  • Joseph G. Rogers, M.D.; Duke University Medical Center

At Large M.D. Representative (vote for three)

  • Phillip C. Camp, Jr., M.D.; Brigham and Women’s Hospital
  • Meelie A. Debroy, M.D.; Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
  • John Friedewald, M.D.; Northwestern Memorial Hospital
  • Kim M. Olthoff, M.D.; Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
  • Peter G. Stock, M.D., Ph.D.; UC San Francisco Medical Center
  • W. Kenneth Washburn, M.D.; University Hospital, San Antonio, Texas

At Large Representative (vote for one)

  • Carrie Lindower, RN, M.B.A., CPTC, CCTC; SUNY HSC at Stony Brook
  • Gene E. Ridolfi, RN, B.A., M.H.A.; Barnes-Jewish Hospital

At Large OPO Representative (vote for one)

  • Alexandra K. Glazier, J.D., M.P.H.; New England Organ Bank
  • Thomas D. Mone, M.S.; OneLegacy

Medical/Scientific Organization Representatives (vote for two)

  • Michael G. Ison, M.D; Northwestern Memorial Hospital
  • Mitchell L. Henry, M.D.; Ohio State University Medical Center

Patient and Donor Affairs and Voluntary Health Organization Representatives (vote for three)

  • Rose T. D’Acquisto, B.A.
  • Lance L. Lewis
  • Patricia McDonough, RN, CPTC, CCTC
  • Willie J. Oler, Ed.D.
  • Elizabeth A. Schumacher, J.D.
  • Mary Kathleen Schwab, B.S.N., CCTC

Histocompatibility Representative (vote for one)

  • Michael D. Gautreaux, PhD, D(ABHI); Wake Forest University School of Medicine

OPO Representative (vote for one)

  • Gordon R. Bowen, M.S.; LifeBanc

Transplant Coordinator Representative (vote for one)

  • John Belcher, B.S., CCEMT-P, CPTC; New England Organ Bank

United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) serves as the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN) by contract with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration, Division of Transplantation. The OPTN brings together medical professionals, transplant recipients and donor families to develop organ transplantation policy.