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New functional inactivity guidelines for pancreas programs

Published on: Thursday, April 4, 2019

OPTN has updated the definitions of functional inactivity to be more sensitive to concerns related to patient safety.

If you are a transplant program that transplants two or fewer pancreas per year, you may be considered for review of your program; effective April 8, 2019, pancreas programs will be reviewed for functional inactivity if they:

  • Fail to perform two transplants in 12 consecutive months, and
  • Have a median waiting time that is above the 67th percentile of the national waiting time, or no candidates on the kidney-pancreas or pancreas waiting list.

If your program falls under these criteria, review this updated policy notice. It explains your responsibilities to your waitlist candidates and potential waitlist candidates, and it also includes information on the Pancreas Functional Inactivity Waiting Time Report.