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Learn about policy changes approved at the November 2014 board meeting

Published on: Thursday, December 11, 2014

The OPTN/UNOS board of directors approved several policy and bylaws changes at the November 2014 meeting. This report provides details, including upcoming policy language and implementation dates.

  • Aligning OPTN policies with the 2013 PHS guidelines
  • Expanding HLA typing requirements
  • Kidney paired donation histocompatibility testing requirements
  • Requiring the reporting of aborted living donor recovery procedures
  • New and revised requirements for the informed consent of living donors
  • New and revised requirements for living donor evaluations
  • Capping the HCC exception score at 34
  • Delay the HCC exception score assignment
  • Clarify data submission and documentation requirements
  • Request for exceptions based on geographic isolation
  • Modifications to the imminent and eligible neurological death data reporting definitions
  • Proposed ABO subtyping consistency policy modifications
  • Require the collection of serum lipase for pancreas donors
  • Allow non-substantive changes to the OPTN policies and bylaws
  • Reporting additional data for candidates with an LAS of 50 or higher
  • Modifications to approved lung allocation policy
  • Clarification to membership and personnel requirements for VCA programs