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Instruction available on extra vessels handling and storage

Extra vessels are necessary, in some cases, to reconnect organ vasculature during transplantation. However, these vessels carry a similar risk of disease transmission as solid organs.

Because of this risk OPTN policy requirements for recovery, storage and transplant of extra vessels are important to follow in order to keep transplant patients safe. Despite policy requirements, noncompliance and patient safety incidents still occur in the storage and handling of extra vessels.

A 30-minute, e-learning module recording discusses instances in which patient safety can be at risk, and practices to help avoid these situations. Access iton the UNOS Connect learning management system. Go to the course catalog, patient safety category to locate“Extra Vessels Handling and Storage.” Register for the course and click Entrance Survey to begin.

Intended Audience

  • Transplant hospital staff

  • OPO staff

  • Perfusionists

  • Labs that store extra vessels for transplant hospitals


  1. Outline common misunderstandings of OPTN policy requirements for extra vessels.

  2. Analyze common behaviors that can prevent errors in extra vessels storage and transplant.

 Continuing Education Information

As a designated Approved Provider by ABTC, UNOS will grant 0.5 Category 1 Continuing Education Points for Transplant Certification (CEPTC). 

Once you pass the assessment and complete the exit survey, your certificate will be available on your transcript. You must pass the assessment in order to receive a certificate. To pass, you can answer only one question incorrectly. If you should fail, you will need to re-register for the course and complete the assessment again. The results of both attempts will remain on your transcript.

Questions? Contact:

  •, for instructional questions.

  • UNOS Regional Administrator, at (804) 782-4800, for policy questions.

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