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Field notification addresses perfusion circuit sample port

Published on: Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Organ Recovery Systems, Inc. (ORS), is notifying customers of a report of leakage in an LKT200 Perfusion Circuit Sample Port. The company is voluntarily removing LKT2000 lots that may be affected while it conducts a root cause investigation.  The lots potentially affected are as follows:

LKT200 Lot 119944         LKT200 Lot 120055

LKT200 Lot 119765         LKT200 Lot 120242

LKT200 Lot 119648        

If you have any units from these lots, ORS asks that you promptly remove and segregate all such units from your inventory; do not dispose of any removed units.  ORS Customer Service (Tel# 847-824-2600), who will help facilitate product returns and the expedited shipment of replacement product.

If you have questions about the notice, please contact Stan Harris at 847-824-2600 or Matthew Copithorne at 847-824-2421.