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Baxter Healthcare voluntary recall of irrigation sets

Published on: Tuesday, February 10, 2015

UNOS was alerted through the Patient Safety portal that 17 specific lots of irrigation sets manufactured by Baxter Healthcare are subject to a voluntarily recall issued
January 14, 2015. These sets are commonly used during lung recoveries but may also be used by other organ recovery teams. The reason for the recall is due to the
potential for a failure of the packaging seal if shipped at high altitudes. A packaging failure may result in compromised sterility.

Baxter Healthcare recommends ceasing the distribution and/or use of these sets and removal from inventory. You may return the affected product(s) in return for credit.

Recommended Actions:

  • Read the complete recall notice from Baxter Healthcare and review instructions for return of any impacted lots.
  • Do not use any product from the specific lots listed in the notice.
  • Contact Baxter Healthcare at 1-800-422-9837 or the Product Surveillance Group at 1-800-437-5176 with any questions.