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Transplant Coordinators Committee

The OPTN Transplant Coordinators Committee (TCC) provides recommendations to OPTN Committees and the OPTN Board of Directors to improve the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of procurement and transplant coordination. With an expertise in operational efficiency, the TCC offers feedback on proposed policies and bylaws, including the impact on implementation, the development of education for transplant coordinators, and the care of candidates, recipients, living donors, and their families.

  • Ms. Sharon Klarman
  • Yale New Haven Hospital
Vice Chair
  • Ms. Stacy E McKean
  • LifeCenter Northwest
Members Organization Position End Term Date
Ms. Vanessa Arriola Division of Transplantation, HHS Ex Officio (non voting) 6/30/2023  
Dr. Randee B Bloom General Public Region 10 Visiting Board Member 6/30/2021  
Ms. Donna H Campbell North Shore University Hospital/Northwell Health Regional Rep. 6/30/2023  
Ms. Jill Campbell Mayo Clinic Florida At Large 6/30/2022  
Ms. Maria L Casarella Houston Methodist Hospital Regional Rep. 6/30/2021  
Ms. Alexandria M Dillard The Cleveland Clinic Foundation Regional Rep. 6/30/2023  
Mrs. Susie M Ditsworth Ascension St. Vincent Hospital At Large 6/30/2023  
Ms. Brenda Durand Cedars-Sinai Medical Center At Large 6/30/2023  
Ms. Lindsay N Fessler Johns Hopkins Hospital Regional Rep. 6/30/2022  
Lisa M Gallagher UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay Regional Rep. 6/30/2022  
Ms. Angele C Lacks VCU Health System Authority, VCUMC Regional Rep. 6/30/2023  
Mr. Sergio I Manzano UT Southwestern Medical Center/William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital At Large 6/30/2023  
Ms. JoAnn A Morey Boston Children's Hospital Regional Rep. 6/30/2022  
Ms. Hannah M Murry Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center & Children's Hospital Regional Rep. 6/30/2022  
Mrs. Jaime L Myers University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics Regional Rep. 6/30/2023  
Ms. Natalie Santiago-Blackwell Tampa General Hospital Regional Rep. 6/30/2021  
Ms. Raelene Skerda Division of Transplantation, HHS Ex Officio (non voting) 6/30/2021  
Ms. Melissa Walker Children's Mercy Hospital Regional Rep. 6/30/2023  

Meeting Summaries

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