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Operations and Safety Committee

The Operations and Safety Committee reviews de-identified transplant and donation-related adverse events and near misses reported to the OPTN in order to identify potential network improvements and revisions to OPTN policies that may prevent future such occurrences. The committee may develop and recommend specific proposed improvements and policies or it may recommend to the Board that other Committees develop them. The goal of the committee's work is to identify gaps in OPTN policy and processes from a network perspective for the purpose of increasing safety.

  • Dr. Michael R Marvin
  • Geisinger Medical Center
Vice Chair
  • Mr. Chris Curran
  • New England Organ Bank
    • Members
    • Organization
    • Mr. Jaison M Abraham
    • AdventHealth Orlando
    • Ms. Bridgette L Diedrich
    • Georgetown University Medical Center
    • Dr. Alden M Doyle
    • University of Virginia Health Sciences Center
    • Mr. Dean E Henderson
    • University of Mississippi Medical Center
    • Dr. Edward F Hollinger
    • Rush University Medical Center
    • Mr. Ben Keebler
    • Southwest Transplant Alliance
    • Mr. David L Marshman
    • LifeLink of Florida
    • Mr. Luis F Mayen
    • Donor Network West
    • Ms. Phyllis A Murawski
    • Erie County Medical Center
    • Ms. Laura E O'Melia
    • Boston Children's Hospital
    • Jennifer Reese
    • The Cleveland Clinic Foundation
    • Dr. Chandrasekar Santhanakrishnan
    • University of California Davis Medical Center
    • Ms. Raelene Skerda
    • Division of Transplantation, HHS, Ex Officio-Non Voting
    • Ms. Eugenia Steffens
    • Hennepin County Medical Center
    • Dr. Mark Wakefield
    • University of Missouri Hospital and Clinics
    • Dr. Celeste T Williams
    • Henry Ford Hospital
    • Karlie Wipperling
    • Virginia Mason Medical Center

Meeting Summaries

Reports to the board of directors

Looking for something else? Contact us at or (804) 782-4800. We maintain an archive of historical OPTN documents.