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Liver and Intestine Committee

The Liver and Intestine Transplantation Committee considers medical, scientific, and ethical aspects related to liver and intestine organ procurement, distribution, and allocation. The committee considers both the broad implications and the specific members' situations of these liver or intestinal issues or policies. The goal of the Committee's work is to develop evidence-based policies aimed at reducing the burden of liver disease in transplant patients (candidates and recipients), increasing liver utilization, improving access to liver transplantation, and improving the health outcomes of liver transplant recipients.

  • Dr. Julie K Heimbach
  • Rochester Methodist Hospital (Mayo Clinic)
Vice Chair
  • Dr. James F Trotter
  • Baylor University Medical Center
    • Members
    • Organization
    • Dr. Scott W Biggins
    • University of Washington Medical Center
    • Dr. Clark A Bonham
    • Stanford Health Care
    • Dr. Terry D Box
    • University of Utah Medical Center
    • Dr. William C Chapman
    • Barnes-Jewish Hospital
    • Dr. Sander S Florman
    • Mount Sinai Medical Center
    • Dr. John A Goss
    • Texas Children's Hospital
    • Ms. Joyce E Hager
    • Division of Transplantation, HHS, Ex Officio-Non Voting
    • Dr. Eddie R Island
    • St Luke's Hospital of Kansas City
    • Dr. George E Loss
    • Ochsner Foundation Hospital
    • Dr. Willscott E Naugler
    • Oregon Health and Science University
    • Mr. Kevin J O'Connor
    • LifeCenter Northwest
    • Dr. Shawn J Pelletier
    • University of Virginia Health Sciences Center
    • Dr. James J Pomposelli
    • University of Colorado Hospital/Health Science Center
    • Dr. Ruben E Quiros Tejeira
    • The Nebraska Medical Center
    • Mr. Joseph S Roth
    • New Jersey Organ and Tissue Sharing Network OPO
    • Dr. Sarah J Schwarzenberg
    • University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview
    • Dr. Shimul A Shah
    • University of Cincinnati Medical Center
    • Dr. Patricia A Sheiner
    • Hartford Hospital
    • Mrs. Jennifer Watkins
    • University of Kentucky Medical Center

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Reports to the board of directors

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