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Adult heart allocation

We revised OPTN heart allocation policy on October 18, 2018.   

Adult heart allocation toolkit

PDF versions of status justification forms now available in UNetExit Disclaimer

Criteria for medical urgency status infographic (PDF - 51 K; 2/2018)

Criteria requirements in adult heart allocation policy table (PDF - 168 K; 2/2018)

Information on heart devices and candidate status (PDF - 116 K; 4/2018)

FAQs (PDF - 95 K;  10/2018)
Recently revised

Waiting time transfer table

Policy notices and proposal history

Review board guidance for congenital heart disease (CHD) exception requests (PDF - 180 K; 12/2017)

Review board guidance for HCM and RCM exception requests (PDF - 674 K; 10/2018)

Heart allocation questions and answers for patients