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Goal 5

Improve waitlisted patient, living donor, and transplant recipient outcomes

Resource Allocation Benchmark: 10%

  • Improve longevity of organ transplants.
  • Evaluate effective methods for assessing living donor outcomes.
  • Enhance transplant program tools and education in the selection and follow up of living donors.
  • Expand the use of collaborative improvement models to promote effective donor management practices that affect transplant outcomes and to promote effective long-term outcomes.
  • Develop tools to calculate survival benefit to inform center practices, patient management, and OPTN policy development.
  • Analyze outcomes for vulnerable populations, including racial and ethnic minority groups, age groups, and populations with physical/mental disabilities.
Key metrics
  • By 2021, a decrease in waitlist mortality.
  • By 2021, maintain or increase 1-year graft and patient survival rates.
  • By 2021, an increase in the 5-year graft and patient survival rates.