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Goal 4

Promote living donor and transplant recipient safety

Resource Allocation Benchmark: 10%

  • Improve accuracy in HLA reporting. (Approved 06/12/18)
  • Continue to emphasize and underscore the MPSC’s emphasis on performance improvement.
  • Enhance sharing of knowledge about safety events, near misses, and effective practices across the transplant community.
  • Enhance system capability for reporting data regarding safety elements.
Key metrics
  • By 2021, increase percentage of members’ feedback that the MPSC is focused on compliance, safety and improvement, as opposed to only compliance and safety.
  • By 2020, an increase in the number of members who respond that the peer review process is valuable in process improvement.
  • On an annual basis, a minimum of 20 reported referrals sent from Member Quality to Professional Education or OPTN committees to be addressed through communications or educational offerings.