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Goal 3

Promote efficiency in donation and transplant

Resource Allocation Benchmark: 10%

  • Modularize and simplify UNetSM architecture to expedite system changes and improve quality.
  • Achieve continuous level of UNet accessibility.
  • Improve efficiency in the policy development and implementation process.
  • Improve volunteer workforce satisfaction and engagement.
  • Increase seamless data exchange between members and UNet to reduce data burden and improve data integrity.
Key metrics
  • By 2021, maintain or exceed 99% availability of time critical applications/functions within UNet.
  • By 2021, reduce the time from Policy Oversight Committee project approval to Board approval or end of project.
  • By 2021, time from Board approval to IT start of project will be a maximum of 3 months for 50% of projects.
  • Maintain minimum of 90% of projects approved by the Board being implemented within 12 months of approval.
  • By 2021, members can submit 50% of our required data through an application program interface (API).
  • By 2020, 95% of centers and OPOs utilizing the data portal.